Responsibilities of the Department of Public Works

  • • 500,000 gallons per day wastewater treatment facility.
  • • 500,000 gallons per day spray irrigation facility.
  • • Wastewater collection system including seven pump stations.
  • • Water distribution system including nineteen wells and one spring.
  • • Reading of approximately 1,400 water meters.
  • • Maintenance/repairs and snow removal to approximately 17 miles of streets.
  • • Maintenance/grass mowing/general upkeep to three parks (approximately 200 acres).
  • • Maintenance/general upkeep of 38 structures. For general inquires, email us at wastewatersupv@manchestermd.gov

Public Works Staff Position Email
RODNEY KUHNS Director of Public Works rkuhns@manchestermd.gov
DELBERT GREEN Water Superintendent watersupv@manchestermd.gov
CALEB MATTHEWS Wastewater Superintendent cmatthews@manchestermd.gov
DAVID BROWN Maintenance Supervisor shop@manchestermd.gov
KEN BLACK Parks Supervisor parks@manchestermd.gov
BRANDON MARTZ Maintenance Crewmember bmartz@manchestermd.gov
PECK BURMEISTER Facilities Maintenance Supervisor aburmeister@manchestermd.gov
BILL BLACK Water Operator bblack@manchestermd.gov
VACANT Maintenance Crewmember
DENNIS MANCHA Water Operator dmancha@manchestermd.gov
VACANT  Wastewater Operator
BRANDON MARTZ Maintenance Crewmember bmartz@manchestermd.gov
JADEN MILLER Waste Water Operator jadenm@manchestermd.gov
VACANT Water Operator