Manchester Rules & Guidelines
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All accessory buildings and structures shall be located behind the front building line of the principal building. No detached accessory building or structure shall be located closer than 6ft to any principal building unless it exists fully in the rear of the building and does not exist outside of the footprint of the principal dwelling. All accessory buildings or structures shall be located a minimum of 5 feet inside rear and side property lines unless otherwise noted in regulations.


Any accessory building or structure shall not exceed one story or 10 feet in height, or a maximum of 15 feet with roof. Accessory buildings and structures may not exceed the height of the principal building.


In the R40,000, R20,000, and R15,000 residential districts, the maximum total area of all accessory buildings or structures on any lot shall not exceed 50% of the perimeter area of the primary structure and shall not cover more than 50% of the rear yard.

In the R10,000 and R7,500 residential districts and BL Business Local District the maximum total area of all accessory buildings or structures shall not cover more than 75% of the rear yard.

The maximum size of any one structure shall not exceed 1,000 square feet. The maximum total area of all accessory buildings or structures shall not exceed 1,500 square feet.


All storage sheds less than 150 square feet require a Zoning Certificate from the Town of Manchester . Storage sheds in excess of 150 square feet also require a building permit. All storage sheds are required to be in the rear yard no closer than two feet to the side lot line or rear lot line, unless there is an easement along the property side lot line or rear lot line then the shed must a minimum of 1 foot from the easement. Shed may be located in the side yard, provided they adhere to all minimum front and side yard setback requirements. Sheds will be counted in the total square footage of accessory buildings or structures. Please bring a plot plan of your proposed project to the Town Office for approval. The fee for this certificate (permit) is $50.00.


Swimming pools may only be located in rear yards. The pool, decking (wood, vinyl, concrete, etc), pool filter and pump must be a minimum of ten (10) feet from any side or rear property line. In the case of a side of a corner lot or multiple frontage lot, the pool must a a minimum meet the required front yard setbacks. A private swimming pool may not be placed in a septic area. Aboveground pools and any deck will be counted in the total square footage of accessory buildings and structures. In-ground pools will not count toward total square footage of accessory buildings or structures.


Consists of fences, trees, planted barriers (plants, bushes, shrubs, etc.) Fences must not enclose utilities. Fences must be a minimum of 10 feet from the sidewalk, if no sidewalk then a minimum of 10 feet from the road surface.  Although fences do not require a building permit, they do require a zoning certificate from the Town of Manchester. Fence Application. The fee for this certificate (permit) is $50.00.  There are also several items to consider when erecting a fence:

  • Privacy fences may only be located in the rear yard and may not exceed 6ft in height. Must be constructed of standard dimensional lumber, vinyl, or synthetic lumber. The Town suggests fence be placed inside property lines so maintenance can be performed from both sides of the fence. A privacy fence shall be constructed of standard dimensional lumber, vinyl, or synthetic lumber.
  • If erected on a corner lot, fences must meet certain height and distance requirements. Please call the town office to avoid having to relocate your fence.
  • Property should be properly surveyed to ensure that the fence is not erected on a neighbor’s property.
  • If a fence is erected in a drainage and utility easement, be aware that if that easement needs to be accessed, the fences will be taken down. The Town of Manchester will not be responsible for replacement of any fence placed in an easement should that easement need to be accessed.
  • No fence may be erected on any water or sewer main easement
  • Decorative Fences – may be located in any yard or setback area. Decorative fences located outside of the rear yard cannot exceed 3 feet in height, and must not interfere with visibility. Decorative fences shall be constructed of stone, standard dimensional lumber, synthetic lumber, wrought iron or aluminum.
  • No utilities can be inside the fenced area(i.e. water meter, electric meter, etc.)
  • No fence may be Chain Link.


Animals – Control of dogs

No owner of a dog, whether licensed or unlicensed, shall permit such dog to run at large off the premises of the owner except when it is under the control of the owner or the authorized agent of the owner by leash, cord, or chain. This is a violation of Chapter 65 of the Town of Manchester Code and will result in an infraction. The penalty for violation shall be $50 for the initial offense and $100 for each repeat offense. Should you observe stray animals, please report to the County Animal Control Office @ 410-848-4810. Note: Carroll County dog licenses are now being sold at the Manchester Town Office.


Building permits

This is just a reminder that ALL building projects require either a building permit or a zoning certificate in order to avoid penalties. Also, NO buildings are to be located on drainage and utility easements. Please call BEFORE beginning any project. In addition: We would like to remind everyone that construction of DECKS, POOLS (above-ground and in-ground), SHEDS larger than 150 square feet* and OTHER BUILDING PROJECTS require a building permit issued by Carroll County. The permit process consists of three steps:

  1. Application is made at the Carroll County Permits Office, 225 N. Center St. in Westminster. A plot plan of your project is required and a fee will be assessed.
  2. Application is taken to the Manchester Town Office where compliance with local zoning regulations is reviewed and approved. A fee equaling 50% of the County’s fee will be assessed.
  3. The completed application is returned (faxed or hand-carried) to the Carroll County Permits Office who will then issue the permit


Brush Pickup

See calendar of events for yard waste and tree limb collection dates. Please place yard wastes in brown kraft bags. NO PLASTIC BAGS.  Tree limbs should be no more than 4″ in diameter and should all face the same direction. All yard waste and limbs should be placed at your regular point of pickup.


Bulk trash pick up

To take advantage of the bulk trash pickup service you must call Hughes Trash Removal between the first of the month and the day before pickup. 410-374-6467.See calendar of events for brush pick up dates.


Grass & Weeds

Residents are reminded that grass and weeds are NOT TO EXCEED 12″ IN HEIGHT. Failure to keep yards mowed or trimmed to this height may result in a violation of Section #147-8 of the Manchester Town Code. Please be aware that the height restriction includes WEEDS, GRASS, and ALL PLANTS other than trees, flowers, ornamental shrubs and bushes and fruit and vegetable plants. Penalties for violating this ordinance are $50.00 for a first offense and $100.00 for each repeat offense.


Open burning

Open burning is prohibited within the Town of Manchester. This includes fire pits or barrels that are not enclosed.



All Town streets are NO PARKING unless otherwise indicated in the Town of Manchester Code Book. If special circumstances arise please contact the Manchester Police Department 410-239-6900 or the Town of Manchester Office with your request.



  • Newspaper-should be place in brown bags or tied in bundles.
  • Cardboard-must be flattened, bundled, and tied no bigger than 3′ X 3′.
  • Glass, Plastic, and Bi-Metal cans-should be placed loose in recycling containers.

Please place at curb same day as regular trash pick up (Wednesday)

For more detail please see  Recycling


Rental Housing

Rental Housing License Code

It is a violation of the Town of Manchester Code for any property owner to offer any unit for rent or allow any rental unit to be occupied without obtaining a valid Rental Housing License. Failure to comply with the Rental Housing Licensing requirements of the Town Code constitutes a municipal infraction, subject to fines and penalties set forth in the Town of Manchester Code. Rental Housing Application.


Snow removal


All Town streets are SNOW EMERGENCY ROUTES. When the state places into effect the Snow Emergency Plan, PARKING is PROHIBITED on all streets including Route 30. All sidewalks are required to be cleared of snow and ice within 10 hours after the snow has ceased falling. If snow falls overnight, then you have until 6:00 PM the following day.


Trash Pickup / Yard Waste

The Town of Manchester weekly trash pick up is Wednesday. Please have your trash out the night before. The pick up begins very early. Trash must be in enclosed containers. NO loose trash bags are permitted to placed out for pick up. Weekly trash pick up DOES NOT include Yard Waste.

Weekly Yard Waste pick up is also Wednesday. Yard waste may be placed at curb in any of the following ways:

–Loose within a container weighing no more than 50 lbs. to be dumped and container left.
–Bagged in PAPER bags (Large yard waste paper bags are available from BJ’s, Giant, Home Depot, Lowes, Safeway, Target, Walmart, and other local stores. Plastic bags may not be used for yard waste.) Yard waste and bag will be picked up
–Branches, tree limbs must be contained in some manner. Whether a plastic container to be dumped or tied in bundles not to exceed 4 inches in diameter and 4 feet long bundles must weigh no more than 50 lbs. each

No mulch, dirt, residential refuse or pet waste will be taken if placed in any container.


Unlicensed vehicles

According to Section #233-1 of the Manchester Town Code, it is unlawful to keep any motor vehicle with no registration plates or expired plates on any property within the Town of Manchester unless that vehicle is enclosed in a garage or other building. Anyone violating the provisions of Section #233-1 may be found guilty of a municipal infraction and may be fined $100 for the initial offense and $200 for each subsequent offense.


Water Restrictions

Subject to Chapter 241-15 of the Town of Manchester Code, no residential user of water shall use water for the purposes of watering or sprinkling lawns or for the filling of pools or ponds of any nature. Violation of this ordinance is a municipal infraction and shall be subject to a fine of $100 for the first offense and $200 for each subsequent offense.