The Manchester Police are seeking to identify the persons in the above pictures. Larceny from Autos/Smash & Grabs occurred at the Saint Bartholomew’s Church on February 17, 2024. The two photographed reportedly attempted/cashed checks using the identifications taken in the February 17th incident. They are operating the above pictured vehicle which also fits the description used by suspects during the incident.
They were last seen in the Rosedale area on 2/23/24 while attempting to cash another check at a Point Breeze Bank in Baltimore County. They have also been captured on Bank video in the Owings Mills, Hunt Valley and Reisterstown areas. The tags on the vehicle were taken from a Subaru in Owings Mills. The vehicle is a Ford Edge. If anyone knows the identity of the pictured subjects, please contact Manchester Police at 410-239-6900 or



On February 17, 2024, at 2930 Hanover Pike, St Bartholomew Catholic Church, unknown suspect(s) smashed windows and stole items from multiple vehicles in parking lot. The Manchester Police Department are investigating this incident. Two leads have been developed regarding suspects.
If anyone has additional information, please email us at or call us at 410-239-6900 or 3200.

As a reminder, when you park your vehicle, please be certain that you do not have any valuables in plain view. Unfortunately, this is not a new trend in Carroll County, and in most cases, although the doors have been locked, thieves have spotted purses and other valuables, resulting in windows being broken and items taken. This type of criminal activity is known as “Smash and Grabs”.  These incidents are not isolated and can happen anywhere including our parks and not limited too. Please be mindful and aware.  If you see any activity which you deem to be suspicious, please dial 911 and the closest Officer/Deputy will respond.
We will be sure to share any additional information that we obtain.